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So many reasons to choose us.

At, we are proud to be able to say that we offer out of our competition the best rates for delivery and more importantly, the best PRICE, flexibility  and product by far. 

1. We offer 10 windows each day where you can  choose when you want it delivered in the GTA

2. We include delivery  by 4 pm in the price of our products, unlike our competitors that add that charge in once you have filled out the information.

3. We do evening deliveries in Toronto

4. We do weekend deliveries in Toronto

5. Unlike our competitors we only require night before notice, not 1-4 days

6. We use real Callibault Chocolate (not Hershey’s) in our cookies 

7. We  use only Unsalted butter (not shortening) in our cookies 

8. We use a local courier to deliver anything in the GTA , not UPS, and that makes for a “More Careful” delivery unlike some of our competitors.

9. 40% of our cookie is either chocolate or raisins. That is huge.

10. We are less expensive than our competitors and use real pronounceable ingredients.

11. With this coupon code we are at least 15% less than our competitors.

12. We have someday ordering available

13. We give you the ability for you to have your own logo or photo on the gift card and address label on your gifts for free.

14. If you find it cheaper  with any other local company, we will give you the difference plus 20%

15. We send you an e-mail once your gift has been delivered and who signed for it in real time.

16. We have been in business for 15 years this Fall

17. We offer a $20 frequent buyers club coupon when you order 5 times within one year.

18. On our cookie grams we offer the ability to choose a design, and have it printed on your cookie.

19. Our cookies are available in Montreal, Oakville and all across Canada in a gift box.

20.       Everything we make is for you.We have nothing waiting to go out. Once we get your order, we bake it .

21.       You can order the day of delivery in most cases.

22.       You can order at 9:30 am and have delivery within 6 hours or less.

23.       We offer delivery on Holidays and Weekends as long as your give us notice.