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Delivery Information

At, we are proud to be able to say that we offer out of our competition the best rates for delivery and more importantly, the best flexability by far.

Here are some really good reasons to choose us:

*Our products are amazing.
*Everything we make is for you.We have nothing waiting to go out. Once we get your order, we bake it.
*We offer same day orders,nobody does that.
*You can order at 10am and have delivery within 6 hours or less.
*We offer delivery windows of 4 hours so your client does not have to stay all day.
*We offer delivery on Holidays and Weekends as long as your give us notice.
*We offer the best rates, and we let you know right away. Our competition only lets you know at the end what the delivery will be, by that time you just filled out a long form and then you see what it costs, we at the very first question ask you for the postal code and you can see.
*We only use butter and high grade chocolate, and lots of it.
*We have been around for almost 15 years now.
*In that time we have never once adjusted a recipe.It will never change.