Cinnamon Buns




Please note: As long as you have more then 2 people, we can schedule a time other than what is listed here. Just e mail us a few dates and times and we will make it work for you. We can also do classes at your home or business. Prices may be different depending on what and where you want to do it. E mail any inquiries  to or call 647-438-7772.

Create wonderful cinnamon buns and toppings.

Sweet dough’s can be transformed into many wonders. We will show you a dough that does not even require a mixer. Spend three hours making cinnamon buns and toppings discover a whole new range of techniques. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and recipes at the end of the half day, you’ll be ready to create great bread at home consistently.

Learn to make cinnamon buns that will make your mouth water. We will be making regular cinnamon buns, Chocolate Cinnamon Bubka Buns and finally Pecan Cinnamon Buns…..


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Event Details

Date: February 22, 2020

Start time: 11:00

End time: 14:00

Venue: Toronto Baking Kitchen on Westmoreland

Coordinates: 43.6671593,-79.4331378

Directions: Near Dupont and Dovercourt

Phone: 647-438-7772