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Build Your Own Gift from Cookie Toronto

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To use our unique build-your-own cookie ordering system, please follow the easy steps below. We hope you have fun creating your special gift.

Step #1 - Enter the Delivery Postal Code

Please enter the destination postal code to display the shipping costs and to show all the cookie options available in the delivery area:

Step #2 - Select your packaging

Build Your Own Packaging Options

Please select the type of packaging you would like to have used with your order.

Note: some packaging options are not available for small cookie orders or out of town orders.

Step #3 - Select the quantity and type of cookies

Cookie Ordering Options

Please select the quantity of cookies you would like to order.

The type of packaging you ordered allows for 24-36 cookies. If you do not see the amount of cookies you would like to order in the options below then please modify your packaging selection.

Cookies needing to be assigned:
Cookies in order:

Please select the type of cookies you would like to order. You have a total of cookies left that still need to be assigned a variety.