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Why we are changing our name...

I have been thinking of changing the name for awhile.

When I named the company 13 years ago, I had no real knowledge on how web searches work, so I named it what I thought was a good idea at the time.

As the years went by, I realized that having what you do in your name is critically important. Zelcovia Cookies does clearly say it is a cookie company, but Clearly says it's a cookie company that delivers cookies.

When people search using Google, they tend to put key words like Cookies, delivery, in the search. They do not put key words like Zelcovia because they likely have not heard of it if they never knew about us.

So as you can see it was a strategic move to improve search capabilities. Also, it is an easy name to remember, Zelcovia is not an easy name to rememeber. (formerly is also expanding. We are working toward a National goal of having an outlet in every major Canadian City within a few years. Changing the name will make it easy for people to remember no matter where they are where to get the best cookies ever.

I will admit I am a little saddened to start to let go of Zelcovia Cookies, but I am looking foward to the future, and realize that she was very good to my family and myself, and like a person, she is taking on a new name and welcoming a new bright future.