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Restrictions and Liabilities

Although we endeavor to deliver your product on time, we cannot be responsible for the following:
  • Weather delays
  • Delays due to lack of electricity
  • Major traffic delays
  • Improper addressing
  • PO Boxes
We cannot be responsible for delays caused by the above mentioned reasons. Your products will be delivered as the delay resolves itself. No refunds or credits will occur.

UPS and Canada Post Deliveries:
If for some reason the delivery window we paid for, fails by the carrier, we will refund that premium that you paid for. An example of this is the following. You paid $20 dollars to have your product shipped on a 1-3 business day delivery to Winnipeg. The product took 4 days. You will be entitled to a $20 refund. Not the refund of the whole product, just the shipping.